Each tablespoon of ApiEnergy (20g) contains 400mg of Royal Jelly.

ApiEnergy is a revolutionary product, with a creamy texture, without added sugars, without additives and made with 100% Natural Ingredients. A very comfortable, effective and tasty way to consume Royal Jelly, Flower Pollen and Propolis, at the same time and in a single tablespoon.

Miel ApiEnergy Ficha In.

ApiEnergy is an exceptional food that, due to its carbohydrate content, helps the normal maintenance of the brain (the beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 130g of carbohydrates from all sources).

In addition, our Honey ApiEnergy contains no added sugars, only the sugars naturally present in its ingredients. It also has the following nutritional benefits: gluten free · cholesterol free · no additives · no added sugars · lactose free.

100% Natural Ingredients: 93% Creamy Orange Blossom Honey, 3% Flower Pollen, 2% Royal Jelly and 2% Propolis

You can take ApiEnergy Honey as you like! Dissolved in milk, juice or infusions; Accompanying the yogurt, spread with biscuits or toast… Or alone, it is delicious!

     · Adults: the recommended dose is 1 to 2 tablespoons daily, preferably at breakfast

     · Children older than 2 years: the recommended dose is 1 to 2 dessertspoons daily, preferably at breakfast

Nutritional Information (typical values per 100g of product):

     · Energy: 1402kJ / 330Kcal

     · Fats: 0g

          · Saturated Fats: 0g

     · Carbohydrates: 80.00g

          · Sugars: 72.00g

     · Protein: 1.30g

     · Salt: 0g

Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight. Due to its great purity, it can solidify when cold. This change in texture does not affect the properties of the product. The ideal temperature to maintain its creamy texture is between 10 and 25 degrees centigrade. If necessary, stir before consuming. Consume on its own or mixed with other foods

ApiEnergy Honey is light cream in color, with an intense floral aroma and a creamy and smooth texture that is very pleasant on the palate. Its flavor is sweet and exquisite, with clear final notes of Royal Jelly, Flower Pollen and Propolis

In gourmet glass jar of 300g and 450g