Each tube of ApiSport (25g) contains 50mg of Caffeine!

ApiSport is the new Energy Product made exclusively from 100% Natural Ingredients. It is an innovative combination of Honey, Red Ginseng, Guarana, Royal Jelly and Lemon Juice. 100% Natural and energetic ingredients, which will help you to reduce fatigue and muscle fatigue during exercise.

Miel ApiSport Ficha In.

The benefits of ApiSport when compared to other energy products are that it is made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients, its sugars are those naturally present in honey, it contains royal jelly and is easy to digest. So…

Exceed all your limits with ApiSport!

100% Natural Ingredients: 87% orange blossom honey, 7.5% natural lemon juice, 2% guarana, 1.5% red ginseng, 1% royal jelly and natural fragrance

Take a dose approximately every 60 minutes of exercise, depending on the duration of exercise. Take the first dose 15 minutes before exercise. Take it with about 200ml of water to aid the absorption of nutrients and improve digestion. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy when playing sports. Your intake should vary depending on the duration and intensity of the exercise. Maximum recommended intake 3 tubes (75g) / day

Nutritional Information (typical values per serving (25g) of product):

     · Energy: 325.25kJ / 76.5Kcal

     · Fats: 0g

          · Saturated Fats: 0g

     · Carbohydrates: 19.00g

          · Sugars: 15.75g

     · Protein: 0.25g

     · Salt: 0g

Store at room temperature, between 18ºC and 26ºC

Not recommended for children or pregnant women

Lime flavouring and banana flavouring