Propolis is a substance that bees collect from tree buds and later process in the hive, converting it into a powerful natural antibiotic they use to cover the walls of the hive to fight bacteria and fungi.

It is made up of hundreds of compounds, including resins, waxes, flavonoids, mineral salts, essential oils and vitamins.

Propolis comes from the resin obtained by bees from the buds and bark of certain trees, mixed with secretions from some of the glands of the bees and, with wax and pollen in different proportions according to the purpose for which it is intended. in the hive.

It has a pungent taste, often bitter, and a pleasant and highly aromatic odor.

Presentation formats:

          · Natural propolis: chewable portions

          · Propolis hydroalcoholic extract: dropper bottle, spray

          · Propolis syrup