Primo Mendoza S.L. is a family business specialized in the packaging and marketing of honey and flower pollen. Since its foundation in 1915 we have been dedicated to offering consumers high quality bee products, in which food safety is guaranteed.

Principles of the quality policy

     · Establish a solid value chain between our suppliers and clients, being Primo Mendoza S.L. the link that allows consolidating a common commitment to satisfy consumer needs.

     · Ensure compliance with the requirements established for each product, both legal and specified by the client, ensuring the manufacture of safe (innocuous) products for the end consumer.

     · Adapt to changes and new market trends, based on our flexible and versatile production organization.

     · Establish a relationship of loyalty with our clients and with our suppliers, based on mutual trust, transparency and honesty.

These principles are driven by a strong sense of responsibility that spans two fundamental areas: ethics, environment, and product fraud mitigation.


Our commitment to good business management practices based on ethics and sustainability, leads us to propose the following objectives:

     · Improve the quality of life of our consumers, offering nutritious and healthy food options.

     · Comply with the Product Safety and Quality Guarantee, to guarantee that the consumer receives a product that is safe and of a high level.

     · Offer an example of good practices of human and labor rights in all our business activities, based mainly on the International Labor Organizations (ILO).

     · Not discriminate on the grounds of gender, health, race, skin color, nationality, language, family situation, social origin, religion, creed, political opinion, physical or mental disability.

     · Support the recommended minimum age for admission to employment, not lower than the age at which compulsory education ends.

     · Reject any form of forced and compulsory labor, physical violence or sexual abuse, bearing in mind that an employment relationship must be freely chosen and must be free from threats.

     · Fight for the proactive elimination of occupational accidents, injuries and illnesses caused by work, contributing to the well-being, safety and health of workers. Be aware of the freedoms of association and collective bargaining, in accordance with applicable national laws, so that workers are able to join unions of their choice without fear of intimidation, reprisal or discrimination, in accordance with national legislation.

     · Work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

     · Believe in open and competitive markets, and in the principles of free competition, not participate in restrictive practices or abuses due to a dominant position, such as price fixing, approval of mergers / acquisitions, etc.

     · Be actively committed to environmental responsibility and the dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies, as indicated in the following lines.


Primo Mendoza S.L. is aware of the growing and current environmental problems and, as a supporter of sustainable development, and in line with the growth of collective awareness about the deterioration of our planet, is committed to the prevention, protection and conservation of the Environment in all its activities.

We consider that the development of the activity of Primo Mendoza S.L., must integrate criterio of sustainable development, which guarantee adequate management of resources and protection of the environment, and which respond to the demands of society. To put it into practice, we commit ourselves to comply with and enforce the following principles, which constitute our environmental policy:

     · We are committed to considering the environmental variable in the planning and development of our activities, promoting environmental awareness of our staff, suppliers and society in general.

     · We are committed to complying with the environmental legislation in force applicable to our activities, as well as other commitments that may be established, striving to prevent pollution and minimize, as far as possible, the potential environmental impact that we generate.

     · We develop a continuous improvement effort within the framework of our Environmental Management System, which allows us to improve its effectiveness, and be more efficient in the consumption of resources and in the prevention of waste generation through the reduction, reuse and recycling of the same.

     · We guarantee the dissemination of this policy among all our employees through training programs, to sensitize our staff so that they can act in a responsible manner, establishing a policy of fluid communication with the authorities, local communities and interested agents.

     · We comply with legislation related to Containers and Container Waste, through adherence to the Integrated Management System of Ecoembalajes España, S.A. Ecoembes responds to a business initiative to meet the recycling and recovery objectives established in current legislation, efficiently.

Fraud mitigation

     · We have implemented a Food Product Fraud Mitigation Plan to prevent the risk of food fraud, motivated by economic factors.

     · Our commitment to control food fraud covers all levels of the supply chain and types of suppliers, our internal multidisciplinary team for Fraud Evaluation has developed a Food Product Fraud Mitigation Plan that is periodically reviewed to guarantee its effectiveness.